Mold steel requirements for four types of plastic products


There are many different types of plastic materials, and for those with special properties, what kind of mold steel should we choose?


1. Corrosion resistance

Many plastic materials and additives will corrode the mold cavity surface after decomposition. When the mold is subjected to corrosion for a long time, the cavity surface is prone to defects, which in turn causes quality issues for molded products. For this type of injection mold, we can choose corrosion-resistant steel chrome or nickel plating on the cavity surface.


2. Wear resistance

For plastic particles added with glass fiber, and carbon fiber, the high-speed flow of molted plastic will cause a large friction force on the mold cavity surface during injection molding, so a mold steel with wear resistance should be selected.


3. High-temperature

For high temperatures such as PEI and PEEK, the mold cavity temperature needs to reach above 300 degrees Celsius during injection molding, so heat-treated steel is a good choice to avoid dimension changes due to long-term heating.

4. Polishing

Injection molds that need polishing generally have high gloss and surface requirements. This means that the roughness of the cavity surface must be small, and the selected steel should not contain coarse impurities and voids.

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