The influence of Harden treatment on the service life of mold


Heat treatment of mold steel is an important process to ensure the performance of the mold, which has a direct influence on the manufacturing precision, service life and costs of the mold.


Heat treatment of mold, in other words, is to bring out the potential performance of mold steel, specially: high strength, hardness and toughness, as well as good processing performance and corrosion resistance, so that the mold can meet the requirements.


After heat treatment, mold steel is easy to meet deformation, so what is the reason?


1. reason

Any metal material will expand when heated, due to uneven heating temperature, it will casue the inconsistency of steel expansion, thus forming internal stress. If the heating speed is quick, the temperature difference between the surface and the inside of the mold is large, and the stress generated is larger, then the deformation is more likely to happen after heat treatment.


2. Prevention

The mold steel should be heated slowly so that the temperature difference between the inside and outside is small to avoid stress. Vacuum heating treatment is generally more effective for this process. At the same time, the mold steel can be preheated according to different mold material, so that the effect of heat treatment is better, and the deformation is easier to control.

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