Solutions on rust prevention in injection molds


Rust issues is a common phenomenon, which not only affects the appearance of the injection mold, but also affect the quality of injection molding. What are the reasons for causing rust?



1.  Water in the air

Water scattered in the air form water droplets when they contact with mold after cooling, which will lead to rusting of the mold.


2.  Decomposition of the raw material.

The gas generated by the decomposition of the raw material will cause the mold to rusting.


What are the solutions?

1.     Short-term. Wipe the cavity surface with a clean cloth. Before the molding process, the raw material need to be fully dried to avoid the decomposition of the material at high temperature to generate water vapor. After mass production, apply a layer of anti-rust paint on the surface will be an effect method on rust prevention.

2.     Long-term. Related mold maintenance should be carried out according to the raw material. For corrosive materials, chrome plating can be applied to the cavity. At the same time, you can spray anti-rust paint on the outside of the mold, which can avoid the water vapor in the air from contacting with the mold. 

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