What is the Gas Assisted Injection Molding?


Gas assisted injection molding (GAIM) is a manufacturing process that uses pressurized gas to create hollow plastic parts. The process begins with the injection of molten plastic into a mold cavity. As the plastic cools and hardens, a gas is injected into the mold cavity through a small orifice. The gas expands and forces the plastic to expand, creating a hollow cavity in the part.

GAIM offers a number of advantages over traditional injection molding, including:

Reduced material usage: GAIM can reduce material usage by up to 50%, as the gas fills the voids in the part, eliminating the need for additional plastic.

Improved part strength: The gas-filled cavity in a GAIM part provides additional strength and rigidity, making the part more resistant to deformation and stress.

Reduced cycle times: GAIM can reduce cycle times by up to 25%, as the gas helps to cool the part more quickly.

Improved surface finish: The gas-filled cavity in a GAIM part helps to produce a smoother, more uniform surface finish.

GAIM is a versatile process that can be used to produce a wide variety of plastic parts, including bottles, containers, housings, and other complex shapes. It is a good choice for parts that require high strength, low weight, or a smooth surface finish.

Here are some of the applications of gas assisted injection molding:

Automotive: GAIM is used to produce a variety of automotive parts, including instrument panels, door panels, and dashboards.

Aerospace: GAIM is used to produce a variety of aerospace parts, including fuel tanks, wing components, and fuselage panels.

Medical: GAIM is used to produce a variety of medical parts, including implants, syringes, and surgical instruments.

Consumer goods: GAIM is used to produce a variety of consumer goods, including bottles, containers, and toys.

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