Application of plastic parts in new energy vehicles


Plastic parts are widely used in new energy vehicles, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Lightweight. Plastic is lighter than metal, so it is widely used in the interior, exterior, and powertrain of new energy vehicles to reduce the overall weight and improve the cruising range.

2. Cost reduction

The production cost of plastic parts is relatively low, which can improve the market competitiveness of new energy vehicles.

3. Functionality

Plastic materials have good processing properties and can be designed and modified to meet various functional requirements of new energy vehicles, such as heat resistance and corrosion resistance.


The specific applications of plastic parts are as follows:

1. Exterior: bumpers, headlight, rearview mirrors, etc.

2. Interior: dashboard, center consoles, door panels, etc.

3. Underbody: battery packs, motor housing, suspension, etc.

4. Powertrain: Motor rotors, battery brackets, etc.


Overall, the application of plastic parts in NEVs is diverse and essential for achieving goals such as lightweighting, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the automotive industry's transition towards sustainable mobility solutions.

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