Cooling channel in molds


The injection mold cooling channel is a hole that is machined through the mold plate, mold core, and insert. It uses a medium (water or oil) to circulate continuously through the channel to cool the injection molded products. In injection molds, the cooling system is an imperative component that directly affects the product quality.


The design principles of injection mold cooling channels are as follows:

1. The cooling channels should be arranged in areas where the product cools down quickly, such as areas with large thickness and thin walls.

2. The diameter of the cooling channel should be selected according to the size, structure, and shape of the mold, generally with a diameter of 6-20mm.

3. The cooling channels should not be too close to the mold cavity surface.

4. The cooling channels should be arranged reasonably and uniformly.

5. The cooling pipes should be made of materials that are resistant to high pressure and corrosion, such as brass or stainless steel.

6. The joints of the cooling pipes should be tight to prevent leakage.

By carefully designing cooling channels in an injection mold, you can improve cycle times, reduce part defects, and enhance overall production efficiency.

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