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About Derco
manage/images/20108111407670.swfDerco was established in 1993, we have always operated with a very strict quality control system from design to the manufacturing of the plastic mold framing process.

We are introducing the world to Derco’s facilities and equipment. Through our extensive network we offer technical training courses for information and have set up a sales team to help our customers. We have been serving the foreign market since 2003. Derco has a global commitment offering a wide range of products. From the very beginning our motto has always been "Customer's interests come first ".

We sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement of our valued customers. They have helped us to become what we are today.


Derco Mould in business to provide innovative solutions to our customers’ technical plastic injection molding challenges in a  manner that creates mutual success.

We intend to be a leading manufacturer of injection mould industry , well respected for technical expertise, first-rate quality,on -time delivery and value added services.

We are up-to-date with the latest technology in mould making and moulding. We are committed in providing our customers  with the best products tailored to their needs.

Please contact us to discuss your demand, Derco Mould always ready for actualize your ideas

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